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      The SAT/PSAT/ACT course is consisted of three classes: Math, Verbal, and Reading & Writing. The Verbal class includes SAT vocabulary and reading comprehension. The Reading & Writing class includes grammar, essay, and literature. This course covers all the topics that will be tested in the official SAT test, such as sentence completion, short and long passage reading comprehension, grammar, writing, and etc. Students will also learn the preparation strategies and testing skills. Every year, we have SAT class students being accepted by top schools. This course is offered in fall (about 14 weeks on weekends), spring (about 20 weeks on weekends), and summer (about 6-8 weeks on weekdays). An intensive 25 hours SAT/ACT prep course is also available.

Writing Contest Course

This course is designed for the students who are interested in writing. Under the guidance of our professional writer teacher, students will learn sensitivity to language through exploring different types of fiction and nonfiction literature. Students will have an opportunity to study imagery, character, plot, dialogue, profiles, scheme, English usage, analysis, skills, and/or different types of essays. We will help students who are interested in regional or national writing contests.

From this course, students will also learn to express themselves more clearly and logically. By the end of the course, each student will have a portfolio of work that can be used to submit to essay contests and/or literary journals. We will encourage and help our students submit their essays for contests and publishing.

SAT Subject

      About 6 weeks before the official SAT Subject test, KEC Academy offers an intensive prep course for Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics respectively. There will be 5 classes for each SAT Subject course, 3 hours per class. There will be two mock tests, 4 practice tests, and topic related homework. One will be given in the first class and the other one will be given in the last class. Since the course will cover all the topics that will be tested in official test, it is really a great help to students. Most of our students have their scores improved by over 100 points after taking these courses. Many students have even received perfect or near perfect scores in the official test.

High School AP Enhancement Classes

  • Taking an AP class (or several!) is a great way to challenge students academically and show colleges that they’re serious about their education. They can boost students’ college applications.
  • Taking AP exams is also a way to demonstrate real academic interest in a certain subject.
  • Some colleges give credit for AP classes. This makes it possible to graduate from college in a far shorter amount of time.

Our experienced teachers will help students to prepare for their AP tests with confidence.

K- 8 Math (including SSAT/ISEE)

      The goal of the Mathematics course is for all of our students to understand and like the mathematics they are studying. The classes will focus on math concepts, math concept understanding, the process of learning mathematics, problem-solving (investigating, conjecturing, predicting, analyzing and verifying), presentation or explanation using math language, math skills and strategies. The curricula will be appropriate to each grade level, including numbers, operations, percent, variables, averages, signed numbers, pre-algebra, algebra I, geometry, sets, sequences, basic 3-D geometry, probability, verbal questions, and etc. Students are often challenged through a variety of math concepts and techniques.

K- 8 Reading & Writing (including SSAT/ISEE)

      This reading and writing course will focus on the development of students’ reading & writing skills appropriate for each grade level. Throughout the course, the teaching will include lessons on grammar, topic sentences, novels and literature reading, paragraph writing, the elements of description and dialogue, the story line, the structure and organization of an essay, peer reviews of writing, sample essay analysis, and so on. We also provide great SSAT/ISEE test prep classes or tutoring for the students who want to apply private schools.

Private Tutoring

      KEC private tutoring program provides individualized, self-paced academic instruction in a positive and caring environment. Whether you need help in Math, English, Writing, or Science, or whether you are an elementary student or a high school student, we have the right tutor for you. Our tutors have many years’ experience and are highly qualified in their respective subjects. They will help you with your school work, problem solving, study skills/tricks, test prep, etc. so that you can meet your goal successfully.   

K- 8 English Language Arts (including SSAT/ISEE)

    This English course will focus on systematic vocabulary development and critical reading appropriate for each grade level. The vocabulary section includes word roots, prefixes and suffixes, sentence completions, word exercises, and more. Students use the knowledge of word origins and word relationships, as well as historical and literary context clues, to determine the meaning of specialized vocabulary and to understand the precise meaning of the reading. The critical reading section includes passage-based reading, reading comprehension, reading strategies, and more. Students will learn how to describe and connect the essential ideas, arguments, and perspectives of the text by using the knowledge of text structure, organization, and purpose.

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