How Wearing a Mask Became Political

When Coronavirus became a serious threat, health officials around the world immediately advised wearing masks. Countless data has proven that masks not only protect the wearer, but also other people. My parents made it a crucial point that I wear a mask in public, especially inside. This is basic knowledge. Then how come President Trump refused to wear a mask? 

“Trump Wears Mask in Public for First Time During Pandemic” discusses how the President’s actions are “too little, too late.” In the four months that the coronavirus devastated the U.S., Trump was not seen wearing or supporting masks in public until cases surged to an alarming number. Spotted on July 11, four months after the pandemic hit the U.S., Trump wore one in public for the first time during a visit to a military hospital.

Trump has declined to wear  a mask “at news conferences, coronavirus task force updates, rallies and other public events” for the fear of appearing “weak.”  This statement describes, in full effect, how misguided our president’s values are. If Trump were to have worn a mask sooner, he could have set an example for his supporters to do the same. Instead, he opted against this and risked the health of his citizens so he could appear stronger. Trump’s lack of caring in a life or death situation, even after over 140,000 have died from the virus, shows how truly unqualified he is for the role of President. This is just one case where he has failed as a leader and in taking responsibility for his influence.

I look online today and it is no wonder why cases are climbing. Through a lack of guidance, people have made wearing a mask into a political statement, with arguments over freedom. But there is nothing up for debate on this topic. America has been the laughingstock of other countries because of its ignorance on masks. Every citizen needs to accept the guidelines if we want to have this crisis end, and that starts with the President.

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